Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery

Print Securely From Disparate Applications and Networks While Reducing Costs

Budget cuts are forcing agencies and organizations to find more ways to reduce costs, which brings your printing and supply charges under scrutiny. Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery helps you save money in this area while increasing your security posture.

Printer consolidation saves money not only in hardware costs, but also in consumables and administration. In fact, consolidation can save your organization up to 65% of its total printing costs.

Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery is a highly secure Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution that enables users to print from existing applications at different security or sensitivity levels to a single printer located on the high-side network. Reducing printer hardware at individual security levels reduces capital investment, printer inventory, hardware maintenance/supplies and administration.

Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery consists of two print adapters, Ingress and Egress, working in concert with Forcepoint’s widely deployed, accredited and Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office (UCDSMO) Baseline-listed Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System. Thanks to Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System, print jobs are fully inspected to ensure that malicious data is not transferred from the low-side to the high-side network and that sensitive data is not inadvertently or intentionally transferred from high to low.


  • Allows easy administration
    • Seamless interoperability with established print infrastructures
    • Configurable banner/trailer pages to ensure that ownership and sensitivity levels are clearly identified, as required
    • Correlated status information across domains
    • Minimal user desktop configuration, similar to any enterprise printer/driver implementation
  • Uses familiar, user-friendly print submission and print attributes such as page orientation, stapling and duplexing
  • Leverages Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System guard technology for content inspection and security policy enforcement
    • Exceptional built-in manual review and automatic validations
    • Data inspections that include dirty word search, virus scanning, file type verification and deep content inspection
  • Reduces the number of printers needed to support multilevel printing requirements
  • Reduces space, power, support and consumables
  • Increases security through protocol and print file conversions

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