Data & Insider Threat Protection

SureView® Insider Threat

The Visibility and Context You Need to Eliminate Insider Threats

Empower your organization to better protect the information entrusted to it by customers, citizens or other stakeholders by detecting your riskiest users and tracking the insider activities that could damage your organization.

“Trust, but verify.” You want to give your employees the latitude they need to do their jobs, but you also need visibility into their actions so you can protect your organization and the information entrusted to it by customers, citizens or others. Insider threats are often a greater risk than external attacks, and today many external attacks also turn into insider threats either by tricking the user or by silently subverting their browser or computer.

Most organizations know they need to take insider threats seriously, yet lack the resources or expertise to handle them effectively. Since 2001, the technology that powers SureView Insider Threat has made it possible for employers to stop insider threats through an objective, rigorous process of verification that captures all relevant data while respecting user privacy. Our technology connects the dots for you, capturing human behaviors arising from carelessness, lack of training or malicious intent that may be warning signs of an impending breach.

Data Capture

SureView Insider Threat uses a lightweight endpoint agent to capture data without disrupting user productivity. The system monitors data’s location and movement, as well as the actions of users who access, alter and transport that data. This includes not only functions that directly affect the data, but telltale precursor actions that can signal a breach is coming. The system can even fingerprint your organization’s critical intellectual property and sensitive documents, enabling it to track the assets that you identify as most sensitive.

Collected user data can be viewed as a video replay that displays keys typed, mouse movements, documents opened or websites visited. This unique capability provides irrefutable and unambiguous attribution of end-user activity.

Behavioral Audit

Our deep experience protecting more than 1 million endpoints for government agencies and Fortune 100 companies means that we know what insider threats look like. That knowledge is embodied in SureView Insider Threat’s library of pre-defined policies, which allow you to stand up an effective insider threat prevention program right out of the box.

Our technology also baselines behavior to establish what is normal for each individual and for the organization as a whole. It then identifies deviations from that behavior, automatically placing risky users in a high-watch group for closer scrutiny. The system collates relevant information from across your enterprise and displays it in an intuitive, visual dashboard so that it can easily be reviewed and understood by even non-technical security personnel.

Focused Investigation

If a clear violation is detected, you can target specific events or users for investigation. SureView Insider Threat provides all the details, insight and complete context needed so your team can immediately assess the severity of the threat, remediate the problem and create new policies to prevent it from happening again.

SureView Insider Threat provides visibility into the many areas that network devices can't, including:

  • Deliberate, malicious acts such as intellectual property (IP) theft, fraud or sabotage that easily circumvent most data leak solutions
  • Mobile and internal users who take themselves offline or use encryption to avoid detection
  • Suspicious user activity within complex applications, including email programs and custom deployments of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and other solutions
  • “Leading indicator” actions, such as a screen capture that has been encrypted and saved to a USB drive


  • Tracks endpoint user and system activity
  • Baselines “normal” activity across the organization
  • Exposes and quantifies risk through user behavior analytics
  • Enables investigation of anomalies with integrated, chronicled data sources
  • Provides incident replay, including full-event endpoint video recording
  • Detects policy violations hidden by encryption, whether in Web traffic, email or attachments
  • Reduces dependency on technical expertise for your investigators
  • Promotes education and remediation for accidental data leak prevention
  • Integrates seamlessly with DLP capabilities in Forcepoint TRITON® products
  • Monitors offline activity for mobile and deliberately disconnected users
  • Scales easily using a highly-stable endpoint agent

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