Incident Risk Ranking with Forcepoint DLP

The industry’s first DLP security analytics capability automatically identifies, groups and stack ranks incidents that should be addressed first.


As the industry leader in DLP innovation, Forcepoint is proud to introduce our new ‘Analytic Engine’ that consumes incidents generated by DLP policies across all core Forcepoint DLP (formerly TRITON AP-DATA) components and identifies those with the highest data theft risk score.

The Incident Risk Ranking dashboard uses statistical data modeling and behavioral baselines that quickly identify incidents, allowing you to take immediate remediation action. It shows you the top cluster of incidents for the previous 24 hours (midnight to midnight) and the last 7 days from the Forcepoint DLP dashboard. These Incident Risk Ranking reports display the number of cases in the designated period that fall above the risk score threshold that you’ve selected. Risk score thresholds are customizable and instantly produce an Incident Risk Ranking report stack that prioritizes the cases from high-to-low risk levels.

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Please also read the report from 451 Research® to learn how Incident Risk Ranking:

  • Improves reporting accuracy
  • Reduces user disruption & management overhead
  • Investigates context-based instead of isolated actions

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