Data & Insider Threat Protection


Stop Data Theft, Meet Regulatory Compliance and Secure Your Intellectual Property from Internal and External Threats

The implementation of TRITON® was very simple and has reduced the risk of information being accidently released to zero. Forcepoint™ provides us with the tools necessary to defend against advanced threats.

Andrea Cappelloni
IT Manager
Toyota Motor Italia S.P.A

Forcepoint™ enables you to discover and secure your critical data whether it resides on premise, in the cloud or on an off network endpoint device. We extend our Enterprise DLP across your high-risk data loss channels as well stopping data loss and theft by malicious insiders, outsiders and broken business processes.

“[Our] employees on the move are protected. We have control not only on-premise but everywhere.”

—Valdimar Oskarsson, CSO of Betsson Group

Data is at the heart of your organization. You use it every hour of the day to serve customers, keep accurate records and make good decisions. But the enterprise technologies you count on for handling data are prone to leaks, and determined attackers, both internal and external, would love to steal your data and put your organization in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

TRITON AP-DATA gives you the defenses you need to protect your sensitive data wherever it lives — on endpoints, in the cloud or on-premise. Its powerful DLP functionality and other features help you secure financial records, intellectual property, personally identifying information (PII) and other sensitive data, while a user-friendly wizard makes it easy to deploy. Simply choose your geographic location and industry, and see in a single template all the common compliance regulations relevant for you.

For even greater protection against malicious or careless insiders, combine AP-DATA with SureView® Insider Threat.

Deploy Cloud Services without Compromising Security

Forcepoint enables you to adopt cloud services like Box,, Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft Office 365™ without compromising your security posture. AP-DATA gives you visibility to data and the ability to monitor and prevent the exfiltration of your critical data.

Protection That Follows Your Users

From regulatory compliance data to intellectual property, Forcepoint keeps your data secure regardless of where it resides. PreciseID™ fingerprinting gives you the ability to discover even just a partial fingerprint of structured or unstructured data on Mac OS® and Microsoft endpoint devices, on and off the corporate network.


There are two core options within TRITON AP-DATA that can be deployed together or independently to meet your security requirements. This gives you the flexibility you need to meet data protection challenges both today and as your organization grows.


To secure data, you must be able to find it wherever it resides. TRITON AP-DATA Discover enables you to detect and secure data-at-rest across your network as well as in cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Citrix ShareFile and Box Enterprise. With the addition of TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP, the power of AP-DATA Discover can be extended to MacOS and Microsoft Windows endpoints on and off the network.

  • Adopt cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Box Enterprise and Citrix ShareFile without fear of data theft
  • Identify and secure sensitive data within screenshots, PDFs and other images using embedded OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Easily find and secure files stored on MacOS, Windows and Linux endpoint devices


The last chance to stop data theft is when data-in-motion passes through email and Web channels. TRITON AP-DATA Gateway helps identify and prevent malicious and accidental data exfiltration, whether originating from outside attacks or insider threats. Counter advanced threat evasion techniques with powerful OCR to recognize data within an image, and use drip DLP to stop the theft of data one record at a time.

  • Embrace cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Box while maintaining data visibility and control
  • Identify data theft attempts that use evasions such as custom encryption or data transmitted in small amounts over time
  • Control insider threats by identifying high-risk employees and providing proactive user education


  • Enterprise DLP functionality
  • Drip DLP to identify “low-and-slow” attacks
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to identify data conveyed in images
  • Unified management, reporting and dashboards across all TRITON APX products
  • AP-DATA Email Gateway for Microsoft Office 365 with deployment options in Microsoft Azure™ allows you to discover and protect in the Azure cloud

Add ons

Module - Image Analysis

The Forcepoint™ Image Analysis Module provides powerful illicit image detection capabilities to help employers monitor images distributed through email, educate staff members and enforce the organization’s policies.

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