Multilevel Security — Deep Content Inspection

Delivering sensitive data accurately and securely


Moving data between segmented networks is both highly critical and highly challenging for any enterprise. “Stovepipes” are no longer effective, either within your enterprise or when exchanging data with your trusted partners. Cross domain multilevel solutions address this problem by providing secure mechanisms to transmit data across and between segmented networks. Networks may be segmented to provide a physical or virtual gap or security boundary between networks of different classifications, compartments within one network or networks maintained by different authorities.

While the need to share is critical to global and enterprise security, it must be balanced against the need to protect — both the data itself and the enterprise as a whole. Data must arrive at its appointed destination quickly, and it must also reliably be in the right format and free of malware. 

Forcepoint’s multilevel security products addressing these challenges include:

  • Forcepoint High Speed Guard, which provides the most robust solution to facilitate machine-to-machine data transfer while ensuring the data meets all established security policies before it is moved to the destination. One means of ensuring the validity and cleanliness of the data is deep packet inspection. Forcepoint High Speed Guard has the most rigorous inspection engine available in a multilevel transfer solution, allowing it to ensure protocol compliance and that the data is free of malware, viruses, and so on. These capabilities provide our customers with the assurance that the data will be where it needs to be so that their networks are protected to the highest degree and they can achieve their missions.
  • Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System, which provides a workflow mechanism to guide efficient person-to-person file transfer. The interface also facilitates a two-person review (where required) and ensures that all security checks are performed. In addition to file typing and malware/virus checks, Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System also conducts content inspections through Dirty Word Search (clean and dirty word lists) and deep content inspection via seamless integration with third-party tools such as Purifile®.