User Behavior Risk Scoring

Find Risky or Malicious Users Based on Their Patterns


Insider threats are a big problem — often the biggest — in information security. But even though 80% of organizations know this, many of them lack the human resources or budget to deal with the risk effectively. You need better tools to automate detection and make your IT security staff more effective.

Forcepoint’s user behavior analysis technology automatically

  • Detects your riskiest users
  • Escalates relevant cases
  • Helps your security team pinpoint trouble

We’re able to achieve this thanks to our depth of experience: We have been fine-tuning our understanding of what makes insiders risky and what to do about it since 2001 — long before the industry as a whole understood the problem.

Predictive Analysis Fueled by Decades of Experience

Based on our work with countless businesses as well as government agencies, we have developed many policies that capture what a real insider threat looks like, down to every detail. By combining this with your own policies and business rules, we are able to establish baselines for what’s normal for your staff as a whole and for individual users.

Our software then continually analyzes data from multiple sources, keeping an accurate history of each user’s activities to uncover anomalous patterns and make review easy for your analysts. We connect the dots for you so you know exactly what to do with the insights we produce, whether that means extended monitoring, workforce education, or enforcement actions.

Forcepoint’s approach to user behavior risk scoring protects your good employees and helps them be more productive while empowering you to stop threats before there’s an incident.