Network Security

Forcepoint™ Stonesoft® Next Generation Firewall

Highly Available, Scalable and Flexible Protection Against Advanced Threats

Forcepoint™ Stonesoft NGFW gave us the opportunity to explore upgrades to our system but still run on known hardware platforms that we already had installed. Everything we use, and then some, is now supported by Forcepoint. It is just an overall great solution.

Adrian Grimshaw
Technical Consultant

The Top Rated NGFW 4 Years Running.

The BEST NGFW 4 Years Running

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Optimize and scale network security for your distributed enterprise with lower infrastructure costs and far less downtime.

You need advanced network protection across your enterprise so your people can get their work done effectively — without spending all your time worrying about security threats or data breaches. But you need to do it without breaking the bank.

The Forcepoint™ Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall meets both demands by integrating application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) into a single solution that is cost-effective and easy to deploy. It has a proven capability to identify advanced evasion techniques (AETs) that evade other devices, and delivers exfiltration protection using both application and endpoint intelligence.


  • Delivers superior protection against advanced evasion techniques (AETs)
  • Gives you holistic visibility into traffic and security across your distributed network
  • Offers granular and flexible access controls, with optimized workflows to make life easier for your IT security team
  • Reduces security-related downtime by 94%,* with no scheduled downtime required for software upgrades
  • Maintains high performance even with all next-generation firewall (NGFW) functions active
  • Improves response time by 84%*
  • Reduces network infrastructure costs by 30%*

*IDC Value Report, 2014


  • Centralized management of up to 2,000 firewalls
  • Built-in active-active clustering that scales to 16 nodes for high availability
  • Plug-and-play installation of remote network firewalls
  • Scalable and resilient Multi-Link VPN for site-to-site connectivity

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