Security for Cloud


Web Security That Provides Protection Wherever Today’s Employees Are – at Home, on the Road and in the Office

Easy to use dashboards

  • See threat levels, productivity and bandwidth in an instant
  • Drill-down for quick analysis
Easy to use dashboards


  • Over 80 predefined reports
  • Create infinite custom reports by drag and drop of 70 attributes

Integrated Cloud Sandbox

  • Real-time code analysis for Advanced Threat identification.
  • Safe execution of suspicious code away from your network resources

Integrated Threat Intelligence

  • Provides input from over 155 countries into AP-WEB
  • Average update rate of 3.2 pieces of threat intelligence every second

I need to protect my roaming workforce

Do your employees commonly work inside third party networks or behind national firewalls? Signature-based antivirus products can’t provide the protection of ACE and ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud for real-time protection. Forcepoint’s exclusive Direct Connect technology enables organizations to enforce usage policies and protect roaming users operating in any network, reducing downtime, while delivering superior performance to increase employee productivity and protect your organization’s reputation.

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I have remote offices and guest networks to secure

Your goal: to provide protection to all of your remote offices without the headache of backhauling traffic back to your main DC. With flexibility to protect guest networks as well. And because branch offices don’t have dedicated IT staff it can’t require additional overhead to support more than simple break fix. i-series appliances are your on-ramp to security, giving you the balance of high performance and cloud manageability that you want from an intelligent appliance.

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My organization is looking for a SaaS gateway solution that is truly secure

Looking for a cloud gateway that scales to provide protection of web, email, and cloud applications with DLP to protect your organization from potential fines? One that has a global presence with a cloud trust program that invests in ISO, CSA, and FedRAMP certifications? Forcepoint cloud can protect your organization from the inside out.

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Add ons


Your workforce relies on their iOS and Android devices to stay productive even when they’re on the move. To protect your critical data, you need assurance that their mobile device use remains secure. TRITON AP-MOBILE delivers this capability for your organization. AP-Mobile works with your mobile device manager (MDM) to provide protection to mobile devices. Its data-aware defenses protect against malware, phishing, malicious links and the theft of intellectual property.

Module - Threat Protection Cloud

Take a modern, cloud-first approach to content security for your organization with a scalable, easy-to-deploy sandbox solution that integrates seamlessly with TRITON® AP-WEB and TRITON AP-EMAIL.

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