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quinta-feira, mai 30, 2019

Getting out of the “Cat and Mouse” game by using a behavioral approach


Earlier this year, Forcepoint announced X-Labs, the world’s only security lab that combines cybersecurity experts, human behavior researchers, data scientists, and counter-intelligence specialists, driving innovation into Forcepoint’s behavior-centric solutions.

I caught up with Raffael Marty, head of X-Labs, at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, where he shared his thoughts on why it’s so important to break out of the “cat and mouse” paradigm that the industry is caught in. Watch the video below, and read the full transcript:

Breaking the Vicious Cycle Through a Behavioral Approach


In the security industry we’re playing this cat and mouse game with the hackers. They come out with a way to hack into our systems, and then the security industry builds a wall around that. Well, the hackers climb the wall, we build a higher wall, and it keeps going; it will never stop.

The only way that we can break out of that vicious circle, is we need to look at how do machines and humans normally behave. We need to characterize it, and then figure out when they’re behaving in a different way, so we can catch those anomalies. And that gets us out of that vicious circle of constantly having to keep up with novel methods that the hackers come out with. And often we don’t even know what the hackers know. They might have zero day exploits that we have no idea what they are. But through this behavioral approach we can really catch them in whatever they’re doing.

About the Author

Sarah Vela

Sarah Vela is senior manager of digital communications for Forcepoint.