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Setembro 17, 2020

Webinar with AWS’ Sandy Carter – Helping Customers Achieve Speed, Efficiency and Resilience

Myrna Soto

On September 22 next week, I can’t wait to share a fireside chat with Sandy Carter, Amazon Web Services VP of Public Sector Partner and Programs. As security leaders and practitioners, no question the ongoing global events have accelerated organizations’ digital transformation efforts out of necessity.

Speed, Efficiency and Resilience - Can You Have it All?

What does this mean for cloud and security providers? As organizations continue to adapt to this accelerated reality, it is clear that speed, efficiency and resilience all play key roles in a modern cybersecurity strategy.

With Sandy’s decades of experience in tech, her deep understanding of cybersecurity and her seemingly boundless passion for interacting with customers, I’d be hard-pressed to think of anyone better to have this conversation with.

For those who register, here are some themes you’ll hear us discuss:

  • Security is Job Zero – Sandy and her teams at AWS see security as vitally important. And it’s not just the concern of security leaders and security teams. It’s everybody’s job. Organizations that weave a security-driven mindset into their culture will have clear advantages over the ones that don’t.
  • Scaling call centers is a key trend – A big part of Sandy’s job requires her to speak to lots of AWS customers on a regular basis. Many of the agencies, states and health organizations they support have had to scale their call centers rapidly to handle huge spikes in inquiries related to COVID-19. As such, many of their customers have turned to Amazon Connect to scale call center capability. Rapid adoption of remote learning and remote work are also key trends. Supporting that work and connecting call centers to the cloud securely is where the Forcepoint and AWS’ partnership pays dividends for our collective customers.  
  • Data is at the forefront – Another key trend emerging out of the current pandemic is the importance of data—how it’s collected, where it resides and how it’s secured is all more important than ever before. And it’s also closely tied to application governance—application and data access, along with management of those apps. All these things together give us as cloud services and security providers real opportunities to innovate on behalf of our customers.
  • The need for an end-to-end view of security – What used to be referred to as the edge continues to morph dramatically. And that change is accelerating even more as working from home or working remotely becomes the new way of working for millions of employees. It’s a trend that galvanizes the importance of meaningful visibility.
  • Importance of women in technology and security – This is a topic that both of us are extremely passionate about. Sandy’s written about it, she’s on the boards for both Girls in Tech and of Women in Technology International (WITI) she has spoken about its importance for years. Tune into the webcast next week to hear more about what Sandy means when she says her advice is for women in tech to "be an open API.”

The webinar discussion between Sandy and I will take place at 9am CDT on Tuesday, September 22. It’s part of the CISO Strategy for Cloud track of BrightTalk’s Securing the Cloud Summit.  Click the link to register to attend or click the green Register Now button on the right.

Myrna Soto

Myrna Soto is the Chief Strategy and Trust Officer for Forcepoint. A strategic business and technology leader, Soto drives and champions the company’s enterprise vision, strategy and programs to protect people, critical data and IP both within the company and for thousands of Forcepoint...

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