Maio 25, 2021

One hour of power with Deloitte Italy and Forcepoint

Editor's Note: The passcode for the recorded webinar is Y=6i=RR4. This post is also published in Italian

On 11 May, Forcepoint and Deloitte Italy held a joint event, titled “Data Protection Strategy for Digital Transformation," approaching the challenges both from a technical and a procedural point of view.

Forcepoint / Deloitte Italy Data Webinar

Enterprises are facing both an increase in technological complexity and a continuous need for innovation, and in order to implement and maintain effective data protection policies over time, they must adopt a structured and complete strategy. Accountability is critical as well as the introduction of both appropriate technology and processes.

Deloitte and Forcepoint experts gathered to discuss these issues: Luca Mairani, Pre-Sales Manager, Forcepoint, Marco Todde, Consultant, Risk Advisory, Deloitte, Alessio Uva, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte, with the involvement of Alessandro Iervolino, CISO, Ducati.

Before the presentations, participants gave their answers to a few key questions. When asked what the main gaps are in their organization’s data protection strategy, participants gave answers around one main response.

This was Governance: it is not always clear who is responsible for implementing the measures. The guidelines, if defined, are too high-level.

Participants were also asked what the first thought that comes to mind when a digital transformation project is launched, and the main answer was what a perfect opportunity to dismiss old and non-compliant processes and applications and design something innovative and fully secure.

Solve CRM use cases with DLP

The initial presentation from Marco Todde of Deloitte focused on why data protection is important for digital transformation, highlighting the three main benefits:

  • Compliance
  • Enabling business-related initiatives
  • Building customer trust

He also identified three dimensions of a data protection strategy, starting with an end-to-end approach, moving on to governance, and ending with the choice of technologies and solutions. Finally, he analysed a Salesforce-based case study to highlight the typical processes set up by the business and possible security holes formed by these processes. He showed how the combination of embedded solutions to apps and third parties such as Forcepoint can contribute to increasing data security, managing both local networks and home working scenarios.

The second presentation by Luca Mairani demonstrated Forcepoint Data Loss Protection within a Salesforce-based case study which is able to guarantee data security, both when data is within a database (at rest) or used (in motion), ensuring that critical personal data cannot be maliciously stolen or used for inappropriate purposes.

Digital transformation within a multinational

The final presentation from Ducati's CISO was extremely well received. He detailed the main aspects of a digital transformation project within a multinational such as Ducati, highlighting in this case that the concept and implementation of data protection has not proved to be an obstacle or impediment to digital transformation, but instead a driving force capable of pushing innovation beyond the initially defined business needs.

To listen to the entire session and see the supporting slides, click here (passcode Y=6i=RR4). You can check out our events page for future Forcepoint and Deloitte events.

Sobre a Forcepoint

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