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Julho 9, 2019

Securing your branch networks as they connect to the cloud


As organizations increasingly move to the cloud with services such as Office365, or other business applications, this poses an increasingly difficult situation for security teams.  The question we hear most often is “how do we secure direct access to the cloud from our branch offices”?  It no longer makes viable financial sense to drive traffic through IDSL lines to head office.  So what should you do?

Here at ForcePoint we help many companies achieve this in a cost effective and simple manner. Over the next few months we will be sharing best practices and information on how to achieve this.

Whether you manage a network of regional hospitals, international banks or remote coffee shops you will likely have experienced a demand for connectivity to cloud applications.  Many of these cloud applications are being delivered to you as a service from others – such as Office365.  Moving from costly IDSL lines to SD-Wan networks provides a great way of accessing such services – but only if you can secure that service from prying eyes.  To help you understand the issues concerned, and to discuss show to solve them, we have put together the following:

  • 10 of the best assets to review at your leisure. Download here
  • Online demos showing how to secure your branch environments. Register here
  • Webcasts to explain how to secure branch networks.  Watch here


Over the next few months we will be sharing in this and subsequent blog posts:

  1. How to secure remote branches within your network.

  2. How to secure access to Office 365 and other cloud applications.

  3. How to move from costly IDSL networks to secure SD-wan networks.

  4. How customers in different industries are securing their branch networks with Forcepoint.

  5. How to measure the ROI of an open-cloud approach.


Be sure to check back often as we deliver further related content over the next few months.


Forcepoint-authored blog posts are based on discussions with customers and additional research by our content teams.

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