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High Speed Guard

Secure high speed data transfer
between segmented networks

Quick Security

Industry’s fastest transfer rates

Sustain the industry’s fastest bi-directional data transfer rates of more than 9 GB/s, with latencies as low as
1.3 ms.

Behavioral Fingerprints

Employ a product accredited on NCDSMO Baseline

Included on the U.S. National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO) Baseline for TSABI & SABI environments since 2001, and designed to meet NSA Raise the Bar guidelines.

Advanced Detection

Move data in all environments: enterprise to battlefield

High Speed Guard enables most U.S. enterprise cross domain data transfer capabilities; High Speed Guard SP delivers those capabilities to tactical and mobile forces.

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Content Control

Achieve O&M savings with Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)

Standard commercial software development and maintenance practices provide savings in operations & maintenance (O&M) over Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS).

Proxy Security

Eliminate manual processes and re-deploy personnel

By securely automating manual high speed data transfer and verification tasks, highly skilled personnel can be redeployed to mission-critical tasks.

Discover Data

Reduce admin overhead in multilevel environments

Streamline alert and monitoring processes (e.g., SIEM) by moving data from lower levels to a single higher level for a full operational picture.

Ensure Compliance

Employ R.A.I.N. principles

Dual filtering engines and robust security controls ensure that any security critical action is Redundant, Always invoked, Independent, and Non-bypassable.

Admin Control

Enforce robust administration, logging, and auditing

Separate hardware platforms for critical data transfer tasks (the guard) and administrative tasks (admin server) to enforce strong process and role separation.

Rapid, accurate, and precise mission execution


GB/s+ bi-directional data transfer rates


Domains supported, any combination of data flows


Return on Investment
(Forrester TEI)

Automated, high speed data transfer between multiple networks and/or clouds
Flexible data inspection engine

Adaptable to a wide variety of data types and security policies. 

Fully end-user maintainable

Plain-text data inspection rules and configuration files with onboard configuration management. 

Support for tactical & mobile forces

Meets size, weight, power, and cooling (SWAP-C) requirements with High Speed Guard SP. Large and small payload, time sensitive, and periodic operation.

Optimized virus inspections

Provides complete optimized virus inspections within milliseconds, with the same assurances and algorithms as an advanced virus scanner.

Streaming video support

Real-time video streaming with unparalleled control and auditing.  

Web services support

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services provides standards-based interoperability through SOAP/HTTP and support for cross domain web services. 

Easy custom messaging integration

Adaptable Lightweight Messaging for Ultra High Data Rates (UDP & TCP) for custom messages and integration into existing systems. Supports latencies as low as 1.3 ms.

High performance file streaming

Provides time-sensitive, large payload transfers through JAS/DTP. The U.S. government standard for product transmission.  

Cross domain network management

Cross Domain SNMP enables network management to extend cross domain and supports enterprise network management from a controlling domain.  

Simple file drop box

Automated Secure Transfer (AST) provides a simplified file drop-box interface for Secure Copy/SSH-based transfers. Typical rates: 25 GB/hr to 50 GB/hr. 

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