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By choosing Forcepoint™ to provide our security solutions, we have avoided the management costs and difficulties which often arise from using multiple vendors.

Gianluca Giovannetti
Chief Information Officer


Amadori is an innovative and modern food company, specializing in meat-based dishes. Established in San Vittore di Cesena, Italy over 40 years ago, the group has 16 factories and 33 branches. The success of Amadori is based on the way in which it manages the entire integrated production chain, including farms, feed producers, hatcheries and food processing plants.


With the increasing adoption of Web 2.0, Amadori recognized that while it could present strong opportunities and deliver new and innovative ways to communicate both internally and externally, there was the need to better manage the advanced threats it presented. As a result, Amadori decided to review the security of its IT infrastructure in order to better protect the organization.

“Although we believed our security was at a satisfactory level we felt that there was still need for improvement.”
— Gianluca Giovannetti

Another area of concern for Amadori was the necessity to keep its employees secure, safe and productive wherever they were working. The organization had seen an increase in the number of users working off-site, sometimes in public areas, with little protection.

In addition, despite having adequate email security, Amadori was managing increasing amounts of spam. Supporting over 1,100 users, the IT department had expressed concern at the amount of time it was spending dealing with help desk calls. The organization was keen to free IT resources in order to focus on more pressing projects and activities.


Following a decision to undertake a full review of its security, Amadori’s IT department began a project which reviewed three possible vendors. It had several goals it wanted to achieve across both Web and email, including improving its protection against the new wave of malicious blended threats it was facing and greater overall email security. The ultimate aim was to enable the IT department to become more efficient and dynamic.

“We took the decision to trial Forcepoint because Gartner had stated it as a leader in its field. The testing lasted for one month across both Web and Cloud email and Forcepoint demonstrated its capabilities immediately.”
— Francesco Fabbri, Chief Security Officer, Amadori Group

After an extensive trial of the different vendors, Amadori took the decision to implement Forcepoint Web and Email Security. The Forcepoint appliance streamlines deployment, management and reporting for Forcepoint solutions. It also consolidates network infrastructure, reducing costs and providing an extensible security platform. By utilizing one supplier for all its key needs has enabled the organization to consolidate its security – reducing the total cost of ownership and administrative overheads.

Forcepoint Web Security defends the organization from malicious mobile code, spyware, phishing attacks, botnets, and other threats. The intelligence of the solution uses more than 50 million real-time data collecting systems that continuously monitor Internet content – including new and dynamic content – for emerging threats. As a result, Forcepoint is able to adapt to the rapidly-changing Internet at speeds not possible by traditional security and basic email filtering solutions.

Another major consideration for Amadori was an easy and straightforward transition. Taking the decision to consolidate its Web and email security with Forcepoint enabled the planning and management of this to be very flexible.

“The deployment was simple. Thanks to our own internal resources, the Forcepoint team and our support partner, VEM Sistemi SpA, it was possible to ensure that the entire process was very smooth. It was of definite benefit that we were able to implement a stage at a time.”
— Francesco Fabbri

In addition, with a high volume of user-generated content in the Web 2.0 world, having a security solution which is able to review and classify this is imperative. In the simplest of terms, Amadori now has the capability to analyze Web sites in real-time which allows the organization to let in good information while also keeping out bad, inappropriate information.

As part of its review, Amadori decided to implement Forcepoint Email Security to eliminate spam and malware before it reached the company network. The organization had previously been spending large amounts of time trying to manage its email security.

The Cloud deployment model provides centralized security with built-in redundancy, failover and business continuity while easing administration and optimizing network operating and capacity planning costs. Guaranteed by industry-leading service level agreements, Forcepoint Email Protection provides the highest possible degree of defense.


With Forcepoint, Amadori has seen an immediate impact across several different areas of its security. Additionally, the company has seen a significant reduction in the management and workload associated with its web and email security.

“Our previous solution was not powerful enough. Since we have implemented the Forcepoint solutions, we have been able to increase internal and external collaboration with the safe use of Web 2.0. The difference is that the management of these projects is now much more effective, quick and safe. The dynamic analysis and categorization of sites is essential with Web 2.0.”
— Gianluca Giovannetti

A key focus for the organization was being able to fully protect its users both in and outside the company network. With Forcepoint, it has been possible to provide powerful protection from phishing sites, spyware and malicious code for office and remote workers. As a result, Forcepoint has been able to reduce the significant email security workload the IT department was battling.

“We have implemented a system which means that rather than the help desk needing to check emails which have been blocked, the user receives a daily report of emails quarantined. In addition, attachments can be downloaded via link which has enabled us to free up bandwidth.”
— Francesco Fabbri

Finally, Amadori is reaping the benefits of working with one supplier and consolidating its security.

“We are able to control costs and plan more efficiently by using Forcepoint solutions. By choosing Forcepoint to provide our security solutions, we have avoided the management costs and difficulties which often arise from using multiple vendors.”
— Gianluca Giovannetti

Amadori has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2009.