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User and Entity Behavior Analytics - Data without Context is Meaningless

We live in a zero-perimeter world, transformed by cloud, remote workers and BYOD. Your sensitive and proprietary data is now everywhere. As a result, security teams are playing catch-up and relying on point product-based technology solutions. Not only do these products create overwhelming amounts of alert noise, but they also neglect to focus on your most important line of defense – your people.

This webcast explores how User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) enables security teams to proactively protect your data by identifying high risk behavior inside the enterprise. Effectively integrated UEBA provides unparalleled context into your people by fusing structured and unstructured data to identify and disrupt malicious, compromised and negligent users.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • What data sources to integrate for visibility into human risk
  • How to Identify and prioritize high risk users and critical data
  • How to Investigate and act to reduce risk and protect data

Presenter: Brian White, Vice President, Data & Insider Threat, Forcepoint