Segurança para Office 365 / Aplicativos em Nuvem

You depend on cloud services to boost productivity and the flexibility of its workforce - but know how to manage the risks? Let us put our in-depth experience with cloud security to work for you.

Now, more than ever, companies live in a world that puts the cloud in the first place. Its users depend on the ease and flexibility of cloud services such as Microsoft® Office 365 ™ to perform their tasks and make the organization move forward, whether they're in the office, at home or on the road.

However, with the unlimited opportunities cloud, no new risks and complexities. You know you need to take appropriate steps to maintain the security of the company and its data, but may not know the way. That's where we come in.

 Forcepoint ™ brings together unique capabilities of cloud and many years of industry experience to address their cloud security concerns and enable your organization to move forward in the cloud. When you use the Office 365 and other cloud solutions for businesses, our products provide:

  • Visibility for endpoints MacOS, Windows and Linux when their employees use cloud applications inside and outside your network
  • Data loss prevention features (DLP) that far outweigh the minor functions of DLP in Office 365, providing the protection of a truly enterprise-class DLP
  • Unified central management of security, to simplify detection and threat analysis, and also reports for compliance
  • Digital data printing to detect attempts to exfiltrate sensitive structured or unstructured data from your network, with applications in the cloud as Box, Citrix and Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Rapid compliance improvements thanks to hundreds of predefined policies that cover regulatory requirements of almost 60 countries

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Estudos de Caso de Segurança para Office 365 / Aplicativos em Nuvem