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Anoka County

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Anoka County government encompasses more than 22 departments and 3,300 users that provide services to more than 320,000 citizens in one of the fastest-growing counties in Minnesota’s Twin Cities region.


The Anoka County Information Services department supports a wide range of departments and divisions within the county, including transportation, law enforcement, public works and administration, and is responsible for keeping information systems running smoothly.

“We need to meet the varying needs of county departments and divisions. For example, nurses and case workers in Health and Human Services need significantly different policies from employees in Facilities, the License Bureau, and Corrections.”
— Sam Sharp

With that said, keeping the county’s information systems free of malware and protecting confidential government data is critical.

“We are concerned about employees unknowingly visiting infected websites that could affect the entire network and potentially compromise confidential data.”
— Sam Sharp


After researching the market for potential security solutions, the Anoka County Information Services department chose Forcepoint Web Security. This continuously monitors the Internet for changes to policies and emerging threats.

“Neighboring county governments and industry analyst firms had positive things to say about Forcepoint. After evaluating several Web security solutions, we selected Forcepoint Web Security and saw benefits right away.”
— Sam Sharp


The Forcepoint solution was able to adapt to the rapidly-changing Internet threat environment at speeds not possible by traditional security solutions.

“Forcepoint Web Security helped us to identify and resolve potential data leakage issues by identifying PCs infected with malicious software as they attempted to contact command and control centers for bot networks.”
— Sam Sharp

The resulting intelligence was then immediately incorporated into the company’s web, data, and email security solutions. This led to an overall increase in threat management and visibility for the Information Services team.

“Having this visibility through Forcepoint is a huge win for us. It provides management a better view of network traffic occurring between the Internet and our networks. Forcepoint Web Security allows us to easily define and manage different policies much more effectively.”
— Sam Sharp

Anoka County has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2008.

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