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Very simply, we had a number of incidents before and we did not know about it. Now, with Forcepoint™, we not only know about them, we can truly address them.

Valdimar Oskarsson
Chief Security Officer


From its origins as AB Restaurang Rouletter, which opened its first casino in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1963, Betsson has emerged as a leading operator of online gambling products and games including Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Scratchcards and Bingo. Since 2006, Betsson has operated from Malta and now has over 7,000,000 registered users.


Online gaming generates massive international flows of customer and financial data 24 hours a day. Naturally, any public leaks of information are disastrous for an operator’s reputation.

Betsson’s Chief Security Officer, Valdimar Oskarsson, explains that in the online gaming world, there is huge competition with many operators competing for the same group of customers. At Betsson, the key customer data is an email address which forms their online ID.

“Our DLP requirements are relatively quite simple but we need to protect our ID data as robustly as possible. Customers are our most valued asset and make our business what it is so we do not want their information to be stolen or accidently leaked.”
— Valdimar Oskarsson


Betsson chose to address its security requirements by choosing Forcepoint Web Security, Email Security, and DLP. Betsson has over 1000 endpoints on its network to which the has been rolled out. The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features are crucial to everyday operations.

Although DLP protection is the main priority for Betsson, Web security is another important factor. As an exclusively online business, Oskarsson says, there are no threats specific to the online gaming world but that they mirror other transaction-based businesses such as banking. With Web security in place, Betsson employees have the freedom to explore the internet, including social media, while remaining protected by real-time security. Betsson is also protected against malware that may, amongst other things, target strategy plans, marketing information and intellectual property.

The next step for Betsson is mobile security solutions, says Oskarsson. BYOD devices, including employees’ own mobile phones and tablets, are a concern as they can still access company networks. A comprehensive BYOD policy, featuring data encryption, will be implemented shortly.


After a relatively short time, Forcepoint has shown its capabilities and that has attracted the attention of Betsson’s management.

“It has opened their eyes. Before we had Forcepoint, nobody could see the threats so people tended to think there were no threats. Once the Executive Board were shown what risks we face, they listened and were convinced we have to do something about them. Very simply, we had a number of incidents before and we did not know about it. Now, with Forcepoint, we not only know about them, we can truly address them.”
— Valdimar Oskarsson

Before installing the solution, Betsson had little visibility on data movements surrounding its prize asset – the email address database. Once monitoring began, it became clear that the main threat did not arise from hackers or financial cybercriminals but from its own staff.

“We simply did not know if any leaks were occurring but after installing Forcepoint, we recognized leaks were originating internally. Some employees were targeted by competitors but others operated alone. They were told that if they sent a database file to an anonymous email address, they would be rewarded. As a result, thousands of addresses were copied onto a USB stick to sell to competitors. We know it happens and it has happened before but, without Forcepoint, we were in the dark.”
— Valdimar Oskarsson

Oskarsson takes a pragmatic view when analyzing the success of his investment in Forcepoint:

“Some may say security is expensive. I think it is cheap as the cost is approximately the same as one cup of coffee per employee per month. From the first time Betsson apprehended even one incident of someone selling customer data, the system has paid for itself.”
— Valdimar Oskarsson

Betsson has relied on Forcepoint Security Solutions since 2013.

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