Forcepoint NGFW and Security Management Center provide the scalability and management features that make our new network infrastructure possible.

Christophe Hazemann


Carglass is a subsidiary of Belron, a leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company operating in more than 35 countries around the world. Carglass is the glass vehicle specialist in France with more than 3,000 employees at 285 service centers. The company received the “2004 Customer Service of the Year” award in recognition of its efficient service to more than one million customers annually. In addition, Carglass is ISO 14001-certified in recognition of the company’s commitment to  controlling and managing its environmental impacts.


In order to maintain its market leadership, Carglass launched an innovative business expansion in 2013 consisting of new mobile service centers modeled on shipping containers and conveniently located at retail sites such as private area or supermarket parking lots.

Carglass established stringent requirements for network security and management with a goal of providing secure connectivity between each mobile site, making the initiative a success. However, the company’s network infrastructure was fragmented, with a router deployed at each remote site and a firewall deployed at each of the
2 data centers: one near Paris and the other about 300 km away in Poitiers.

“Traditionally, we separated routing functions from firewalls and focused our firewall security and performance on our data centers. This left us with solutions that were not able to communicate with each other, and administration had become a time-consuming burden. In addition, we needed to upgrade aging hardware and adopt security solutions that could adapt more effectively to our growing business.”
— Christophe Hazemann, Head of IT Production, Carglass


To meet its enterprise security requirements, Carglass sought an integrated solution that could provide network continuity, protect on-premise customer data, improve performance, and help accelerate future expansion projects.

“We saw an opportunity to combine router and advanced firewall capabilities to strengthen security across every site and accelerate throughput. We needed a solution with centralized administration that could be easily replicated every time we added a new mobile site, easing the management burden on our IT staff.”

After receiving decisive feedback from multi-site users of Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall and Security Management Center, reinforced by presentations from the Forcepoint team, Carglass chose the solutions to replace some of the legacy routers and the firewalls within its distributed network with an initial outlay of 50 firewalls. A critical requirement for the new firewall solution was rapid deployment to keep pace with the Carglass mobile expansion project.

“We knew we had made the right decision when we started working with the strong technical support teams at Forcepoint. Thanks in large part to their efforts, we were able to deploy the new firewall solution within a month after purchasing the product. Our confidence in Forcepoint grew with each phase of deployment. We discovered intelligent solutions that could adapt seamlessly to the unique requirements of our business.”


With the deployment of Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall, Carglass has met and exceeded its requirements on both a business and a technological level. The company can now proceed with its mobile business expansion in confidence, based on a streamlined and secure network infrastructure that provides advanced routing and firewall capabilities for continuous performance and security.

In addition, Carglass has realized a speedy ROI with Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall, estimating that the deployment has cost 50 percent less than competing products. Plus, the solution is significantly more efficient and easier to manage, and within a few months of deploying the Forcepoint firewalls Carglass has noticed a significant drop in time and resources required for network management.

Moving forward, Carglass will continue to expand its Next Generation Firewall deployments as the company’s mobile operations grow, and the company is evaluating other solutions in the Forcepoint portfolio.

“As we become better acquainted with the integrated Forcepoint product family, we see many more possibilities for applying the solutions in our business.”

Carglass has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2013.