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With Forcepoint™ TRITON AP-WEB, we have seen a reduction of up to 80% of requests for assistance due to the presence of malware on individual endpoints. Thanks to this, our IT infrastructure has been able to concentrate its efforts on more important activities.

Andrea Pierini
IT Architecture & Security Manager


Colacem is the third largest Italian cement producer and distributor with global operations. Founded by the Colaiacovo family in 1966, the company has steadily grown over time, taking over 16% of market share on national cement production.

Colacem now has a presence across all of Italy with 7 completecycle production sites — 2 factories for the production of premixed products, 3 terminals, 2 storage facilities and various local offices. Headquarterd in Gubbio, Italy, production sites are based in Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Albania with terminals in Spain and Jamaica. Colacem also has a storage facility in Haiti.

The cement industry business generates almost $270M in revenues. Colacem’s place in the Financo Group, Colaiacovo family’s financial holding, includes all productions and other business ventures such as insurance and hotels. Financo Group also owns the property of Misano World Circuit “Marco Simoncelli”. Colacem employs roughly 2,100 employees across Italy, many of which are IT users.


The growth of more advanced, non-signature threats to Colacem’s sensitive data has increased the urgency to transition away from a strictly role-based internet security solution. Until recently, Colacem’s web filtering was managed by a poorly structured, open-sourced solution which allowed only a limited form of profiling. It was expensive in terms of maintenance and did not ensure effective protection against sophisticated, multistage attacks.

“Endpoint security was only delegated to antivirus detection and this was certainly not enough to intercept advanced threats which were increasingly using the web as a primary tool for disseminating.”
— Andrea Pierini, IT Architecture & Security Manager, Colacem

IT first addressed its need for increased protection by escalating the issue to its team of executives. From there, Colacem’s executive team was able to understand the situation and promote a new security strategy, taking into account the web browsing needs of its varying internal users across all locations around the globe.


Colacem identified Forcepoint Web Security as the most suitable solution for real-time defense against advanced threats. For deployment, Colacem partenered with Ecobyte, for additional support and a successful integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory software.

“Supported by our partner Ecobyte, we chose to deploy Forcepoint Web Security mostly because of its positioning as a market leader and proven brand awareness.”
— Pierini

Through the Forcepoint Hybrid Module, Colacem can extend advanced threat protection to its roaming and remote users. These users now comply with the same enterprise-wide web browsing policies, onsite and offsite. Additionally, Forcepoint with the Web Hybrid Module combines the ease of deployment with lower cost operations:

“We deployed quickly and without any surprises. Thanks to the technical expertise of Ecobyte, in a couple of days the solution was in place and in a fully virtualized environment. Ecobyte and Forcepoint supported us at every step of the process.”
— Pierini


The benefits of deploying Forcepoint Web Security with the Hybrid Module were quickly realized:

“With Forcepoint Web Security, we have seen a reduction of up to 80% of requests for assistance due to the presence of malware on individual endpoints. Thanks to this, our IT infrastructure has been able to concentrate its efforts on more important activities.”
— Pierini

Automated and continuous updating of network blacklists is another highly-valued feature for Colacem. Network traffic is easily and automaticly classified in real time by Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). Through advanced classification, reporting functionality is streamlined for Colacem, giving its IT security team the insight they need to prevent a user from attempting to connect to a malicious site — significantly improving corporate network security.

Additionally, Forcepoint has strengthened the relationship with Colacem’s most important external stakeholders:

“Recently, Forcepoint raised an alarm for the presence of a script which connected to the compromised site of our bank. We were then restricted from accessing its corporate home page. Because of Forcepoint’s threat detection, we quickly informed the financial institute which was then able to verify the consistency of the problem and place an adequate remedy.”
— Pierini

Forcepoint has also been able to improve protection by enhancing overall IT awareness. This involved the publication of dedicated whitepapers on the Colacem corporate intranet and the organization of Forcepoint training courses aimed mostly at executives who work with a greater amount of sensitive data and have additional web browsing freedoms. This has produced concrete results with smarter helpdesk interactions and improved reporting of suspicious activity and user behavior.

Colacem has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2013.

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