Crediton Dairy

United Kingdom

Products Used:

Forcepoint Web Security (formerly TRITON AP-WEB)
Forcepoint Cloud Web Platform (formerly Cloud/Hybrid Module)

Forcepoint is able to work seamlessly with Office 365. We don’t see any problems at all when we run the two together.

Benjamin Evans
IT Manager


Crediton Dairy based in the heart of Devon in the United Kingdom, is a food and beverage company focused on milk drinks. The business is most well-known for its “Moo Milk” and “Dairy Pride” brands and has products in 13,500 food retail stores nationwide.

Crediton Dairy is one of the UK’s leading dairy drinks businesses. In 2013, its Chairman, Neil Kennedy, was presented with the prestigious SW Dairy Industry Award for his outstanding contribution towards the development of the British dairy market.


In 2012, dairy companies Arla Foods UK and Milk Link were given approval to merge by the European Commission (EC). A condition for the approval of the merger was that it run Crediton Dairy as a separate business. Benjamin Evans was then hired as IT Manager for Crediton Dairy.

One of Benjamin’s initial tasks was to determine which web security solution to implement. As a former Milk Link employee, he was familiar with the Forcepoint solution, as it was the company’s primary security solution for web. However, Crediton Dairy presented a unique challenge in that the company needed to implement a solution that did not affect its capital expenditures.

Another challenge for Benjamin involved the company’s laptops. There were multiple instances involving employees traveling off-network or downloading malicious content, resulting in his team having to meticulously reimage the entire machine. Crediton Dairy needed a solution that would protect against such incidents while protecting mobile employees on and off the network.


When it came time to move forward with a solution, Benjamin assessed multiple web security providers, such as Barracuda and several others. But they didn’t meet his strict functionality requirements or his budgetary needs.

“There were a few let downs on the way the Barracuda URL filtering worked. It just didn’t feel like home.”
— Evans

Benjamin required a web security solution that could be virtualized, had URL filtering capabilities, and would integrate seamlessly with Active Directory. In addition, it would have to be cost effective. Forcepoint’s AP-WEB solution with the Cloud Module was then tested by his team and exceeded all expectations. Benjamin recalls how the solution was initially appealing due to the fact that it integrates very well with Active Directory but was also able to complement Microsoft Office 365.

“Forcepoint is able to work seamlessly with Office 365. We don’t see any problems at all when we run the two together.”
— Evans


Benjamin was pleased with how the Forcepoint solution met all of his functionality and quality requirements, delivering the tools that they truly needed to secure mobile employees without the need to purchase additional hardware. It also empowered them to safely embrace new technologies (i.e. Office 365) and to enjoy all of the efficiencies and cost savings that doing so brings to their organization. Deployment of Forcepoint’s AP-WEB solution in the Cloud was straightforward and simple. What questions Benjamin had, the Forcepoint support team answered and assisted whenever needed.

“The Forcepoint support team was very good. When we were originally getting set up, my account manager and the support team took control, had a look where any issues might be, configured the solution, and got it up and running while taking me through some of the new features.”
— Evans


Crediton Dairy’s IT department has always embraced innovation and new technologies. It was one of the first to adopt Office 365 when it became available in the UK. However, Office 365 comes with only basic security features that might be appropriate for some businesses, but the majority quickly find that it doesn’t properly secure the average, mobile working environment.

“We are starting to see a bit more spam coming through Office 365, compared to where it was when it first came out. I’m starting to look at the email side of Forcepoint, for sure.”
— Evans

An easy deployment of Forcepoint’s AP-WEB with the Cloud Module solution has paved the way for Crediton Dairy to evolve in the future, as Benjamin is now considering adding AP-EMAIL to further enhance the company’s security.

Crediton Dairy has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2015.