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Davies Turner

United Kingdom

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  • Small

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Web Security

With the Internet constantly evolving and new Web threats increasingly difficult to keep on top of, we have been impressed with Forcepoint™ and the protection it provides.

Adam Morris
Systems Engineer


Founded 140 years ago, Davies Turner provides international surface and air transport services. The group, which remains family owned and managed, specializes in air cargo and surface freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, custom clearance, and consultancy.

Since 1990, the group has doubled its number of branches in the U.K. and Ireland, as well as expanding its worldwide network of overseas partners. Having built a strong reputation for maintaining high standards in service and customer care, Davies Turner is now recognized as one of the U.K.’s leading multimodal freight forwarding groups.


With 500 Web users across the group, the IT team at Davies Turner needed to protect its network from malicious threats and ensure employee Web access was secure, safe, and productive.

“Due to the nature of freight services and the level of online tracking required, our employees are regularly using the Web for everyday tasks. While Internet access is important to our business, it is also vital our network is protected from the threats the Web presents on a daily basis. With different user requirements across a number of offices, it was a challenge we knew we needed to address.”
— Adam Morris, Systems Engineer, Davies Turner

In addition, Davies Turner had recognized that it needed to improve the management of the websites its employees were spending time visiting during working hours. Following a request from the HR team for increased insight and reporting of time spent online, it quickly became apparent that the organization’s current solution could not provide the level of information required.


To better safeguard and manage Internet access, Morris took the decision to implement Forcepoint Web Security.

“Our previous solution was no longer effective for an organization of our size — it was not particularly user-friendly and could not provide the depth of information on Internet usage we required. We initially trialed a number of different solutions before making a final decision and chose Forcepoint due to its exceptional performance levels and security.”
— Adam Morris

Forcepoint protects organizations against malicious mobile code, spyware, phishing attacks, bots, and other threats. Forcepoint scans the Internet and analyses one billion pieces of content daily to proactively search for threats, blocking known and new threats within minutes of discovery.

The Forcepoint solution is an adaptive security technology which uses more than 50 million real-time data collecting systems that continuously monitor Internet content — including new and dynamic content — for emerging threats. This feeds this intelligence into its Web security. As a result, Forcepoint is able to adapt to the rapidly-changing threat landscape at speeds not possible by traditional security solutions.

“Having protection from the latest Web threats is important to us. We wanted peace of mind that our network was secure and that we were using the latest technology.”
— Adam Morris


A key requirement for Davies Turner was effective reporting tools — something which had not previously been available to the IT and HR departments. Through exceptionally granular and efficient reporting, Forcepoint enables the organization to create both in-depth and generic overviews that can help detect potential misuse and highlight security loopholes that need to be addressed.

“Forcepoint has enabled us to develop a far more insightful and effective reporting structure. Alongside ensuring that our Acceptable Usage Policy is being automatically adhered to, our HR team now has a greater understanding of how the Internet is being utilized by employees and enables them to manage any issues there may be.”
— Adam Morris

Davies Turner has many different user needs across a number of sites, and the ability to easily configure different Web policies was vital.

“Creating access policies is very straightforward with Forcepoint. Different levels of management have different Web needs and we are able to set these user groups very simply and effectively. In addition, we were keen to prevent access to certain sites during core working hours, and we have been able to develop policies which allow employees access to, for example, social networking sites only during lunchtime.”
— Adam Morris

Forcepoint enables Davies Turner to have complete confidence in their Web security and to manage its users with ease.

“The usability and flexibility has had a real impact on the business, we now have a granularity of detail which has simplified the process of setting polices and making informative decisions when categorizing Internet users. With the Internet constantly evolving and new Web threats increasingly difficult to keep on top of, we have been impressed with Forcepoint and the protection it provides.”
— Adam Morris

Davies Turner has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2006.

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