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Trusted Thin Client
Trusted Gateway System
Trusted Print Delivery

The Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System is so much an ingrained part of our day-to-day operation that it’s very difficult to imagine supporting our mission without it—there’s no practical alternative.

Senior Integration Engineer, DoD Intelligence Officer

From intelligence communities to defense departments and civilian agencies, cyber warriors require rapid, accurate and secure ways to interact with technology and data, wherever and however it is accessed. Forcepoint helps government agencies transform their IT and business operations with next generation software solutions. Forcepoint’s Cross Domain suite of solutions delivers secure information access and transfer within and betweenextremely sensitive enterprises and their segmented networks enabling operational efficiencies as well as being a highly effective automated solution for sharing unclassified and classified data.


As a result of network segmentation requirements for confidential data and restricted user access, a U.S. Department of Defense intelligence agency had to maintain four separate networks with differing levels of security clearance across 18 user sites. Additionally, in order to maintain security across the four networks the government agency had separate user endpoints for each network as well as separate printers for each network. These requirements caused a proliferation of hardware across the organization with extremely high administration and maintenance costs at a time when the agency was under pressure to reduce IT costs.


The government agency deployed three Forcepoint cross domain solutions that work together:

  • Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client: secure simultaneous access to any number of networks from a single endpoint and replaced the need for multiple workstations for each of the agency’s four networks.
  • Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System: multidirectional data and file transfer guard to easily and securely transfer files between networks.
  • Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery: eliminates the need to maintain separate printers for each network, by allowing users to print from one secure printer at each work site, regardless of the network.


By using Forcepoint’s three cross domain products, the government agency was able to access a combination of networks from a single endpoint, securely transfer files between devices and networks, and print from all of those networks on the same printer. This significantly streamlined processes and reduced complexity at the 18 individual sites while still meeting all regulatory requirements.


Forcepoint’s cross domain solutions allow the government agency to eliminate multiple desktop devices and printers
for users who needed to access multiple networks. The agency’s users no longer required a different machine for each network and 4 network-specific printers were no longer required for each of the 18 worksites. By centralizing and consolidating hardware the agency reduced the number of places where information is held which improved information security thereby strengthening the agency’s cybersecurity profile. The agency was also able to meet its goal of reducing IT costs through not only hardware reduction, but also through the reduced labor workload of operational and IT staff who serviced these eight sites.


By using Forcepoint’s cross domain products the government agency was projected to experience benefits of $3.97M over three years versus a cost of $1.17M resulting in a ROI of 239% over a three-year period.

Featured Products

Trusted Print Delivery

Accredited COTS solution that provides a secure means to consolidate printers to a single printer on a more sensitive network.

Trusted Gateway System

Multi-network solution that enables safe, multi-directional unstructured file movement between physically separate networks.

Trusted Thin Client

Multi-network access technology that provides simultaneous access to data on multiple networks from a single endpoint device.