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We immediately saw returns with Forcepoint. There’s not really a downside as far as we are concerned. It’s a win for us.

Steve Morris
Network Manager

Express Newspapers Safely Utilizes the Power of Social Media with Forcepoint

As social media has become a larger part of online life, it has provided an invaluable tool for UK media company Express Newspapers. However, this same tool also created a rich hunting ground for cyber criminals. To combat this, the company chose a proactive approach that could protect the company and its users: Forcepoint Web Security.


  • The evolution of social media means it’s no longer a “home-only” tool. It has proved crucial for media companies, but at the same time gives cyber criminals a large number of potential targets.
  • As social media evolved, so did the level of attacks.
  • Cyber criminals use social engineering tactics with business-related and personal themes, phishing for victims to accidentally download and share malicious content with coworkers.


  • In order to effectively protect its employees and assets, Express Newspapers needed a more advanced security solution: Forcepoint Web Security.


  • Easy configurability and flexibility mean that sections of the company have access to social media while others don’t.
  • Forcepoint Web Security provides a comprehensive real-time, inline security solution that continues to protect the company against advanced threats.

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