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Fusion Media Networks

United Kingdom

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  • Enterprise

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Email Security
Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Our experience with Forcepoint NGFW has exceeded our expectations. To date, they have provided us with both reliable support and short response times to queries. Additionally, we have been able to cut costs by 30 percent.

Lee Norvall


Fusion Media Networks (Fusion) is a provider of network services, security, and Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity for businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe. Based in Essex, England and launched in early 2004, the company has one of the largest and most sophisticated core network infrastructures in the UK. Fusion offers its customers a single point of contact for network, security, and end-toend business communication solutions.

The company manages multiple complex network solutions for clients delivered through both direct and partner channels, using skilled staff drawn from the IT and telecommunications sectors. Fusion is one of the UK’s top five network service providers.

Fusion offers its solutions as managed services, fully monitored and controlled from its Network Operations Centre (NOC) comprising a team of experience and accredited technicians based in Southend, UK that deliver services with industry-leading SLAs.


Designed and developed by in-house software engineers, Fusion’s VDC is a suite of service solutions that delivers infrastructure for data centers and IT operations as cloud-based services. VDC enables “cloud to desktop” solutions for new and existing customers, and brings the cloud and network closer together, helping Fusion provide improved service level agreements (SLAs).

By moving to the cloud, Fusion would be able to move from a CAPEX to OPEX model, resulting in reduced and better managed costs. Developing on the cloud meant that the company could grow rapidly without investing in physical hardware.

Security is a critical part of the VDC solution. Fusion needed to choose a security vendor who would be able to protect customer data onpremises, on mobile devices, and in the cloud while working within an affordable budget.

“There is no doubt that hackers are getting more sophisticated in their attack methods. Education is one of our biggest issues — remote office computers don’t always have the latest security updates, leaving them vulnerable to attack, and potentially posing a threat to our services.”
— Lee Norvall, CTO, Fusion Media Networks


Initially, Fusion became a Forcepoint reseller after one of its partners recommended the company as a well-established player in the security market.

“Having sold the Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall for some time, we were confident in its ability to protect against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs).
Additionally, after using the solution, we believed that the firewall would provide us with exactly the right level of security protection that both we and our customers were looking for.”

After a series of environment-wide product tests, Fusion decided to incorporate the Forcepoint NGFW into its VDC solution. Forcepoint NGFW provides centralized management, application awareness and user identification, intrusion prevention, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, web filtering and protection of remote offices from advanced evasion techniques.


The VDC solution, combined with Forcepoint’s robust security solution, enables Fusion’s customers to benefit from reliable data security and guaranteed network continuity as well as secure information flow between business units. Fusion hosts the NGFW off premises within the core network and enables one virtual instance of the firewall per customer.

Forcepoint NGFW provides network segmentation, server load balancing, and the possibility of utilizing reserve carrier capacity when Internet connections are overloaded. The solution provides Fusion with a clear view of its client’s data, enabling the company to offer full protection against threats, regardless of location. This means customers can benefit from zero disruption to services and concentrate on their core business activities.

“Our experience with Forcepoint NGFW has exceeded our expectations. To date, they have provided us with both reliable support and short response times to queries. Additionally, by making use of the security management center (SMC) to manage all queries from one centralized system, we have been able to cut costs by 30 percent.”

Fusion Media Networks has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2012.

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