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Forcepoint Linux Security sets the standard high...No other solution has proven to accomplish what Forcepoint Linux Security does for us.

Director of Information Security


This leading quantitative-based trading firm has an outstanding  history of investing in superior infrastructure, and leverages cutting-edge technologies to identify global market trends across all asset  classes. The firm (choosing to remain anonymous) employs 500  people across offices in North America, Europe and Asia.  


Linux is becoming the standard platform for cloud applications inside the modern enterprise. Linux servers are at the core of business-critical, back-end services for a growing number of organizations.

The firm experienced a key security challenge in response to attacks targeted at its thousands of Linux systems. It examined samples of Linux malware available to the public and realized their existing set of security products simply lacked the necessary detection capabilities. Attackers are constantly updating their tools and developing new techniques to avoid detection. In the business of global trading markets, an unnoticed breach can result in the loss of valuable data and intellectual property. Furthermore, a breach that is not promptly dealt with can damage an organization’s reputation through unwanted public attention.

“Security is paramount given the nature of our business. I don’t need bad press regarding a breach of our network on the front of The Wall Street Journal.”  
— Director of Information Security, Global Trading Firm

This firm needed a solution to detect advanced threats on Linux systems at a global scale, without impacting the performance or stability of the computing infrastructure.  


The firm’s security team needs to be able to detect a compromised system. They must know what software systems should be running, and verify they are running only that software and nothing else. This detail is invaluable for proactive detection of intrusion, determining the scope of a breach, and validating the success of remediation.

The firm’s Director of Information Security and his team evaluated the market for Linux security solutions. The team needed assurance that whichever solution they chose would be capable of staying one step ahead in a growing and changing Linux environment.

Only Forcepoint™ Threat Protection for Linux satisfied their criteria as the solution that would provide superior and sustainable performance.

“Threat Protection for Linux is excellently performing the job. It plays nicely with all other processes, it doesn’t hang our systems, there’s no down time plus, it makes my life easier because I don’t have any of my systems administrators knocking down my door with problems regarding Linux.”
— Director of Information Security

Threat Protection for Linux provides unparalleled visibility and assurance of the software in memory on Linux servers and workstations, from the kernel to system services and applications. There is no commercially available tool more efficient at detecting rootkits, backdoors, unauthorized processes, and other indicators of compromise on Linux systems.

“Few security vendors have been able to produce a Linux solution that functions this well. Anyone that works with Linux can tell you that they love the rock solid Threat Protection for Linux from Forcepoint.”
— Director of Information Security

The firm uses Threat Protection for Linux to compare the software running on Linux systems with the known kernels and binaries expected in their environment. It still surprises the security team when Threat Protection for Linux reveals unknown software running on their systems.

This kind of visibility into the kernel and user-mode software gives the firm confidence in their systems’ security; improving operational awareness and visibility to eliminate any malicious surprises on a Linux system.

“Threat Protection for Linux increases my team’s productivity with no down time involved. We operate the solution out of a single dashboard, gaining real-time visibility without having to manually run a scan. This makes Threat Protection for Linux a very effective tool, and I intend on keeping it as part of our security arsenal for our entire Linux infrastructure.”
— Director of Information Security


Currently, this global trading firm uses security products from multiple vendors. However, the Director of Information Security made it clear that their team has not seen the same level of success with other security products as they have with Threat Protection for Linux.

“Threat Protection for Linux provides my organization excellent customer satisfaction since it runs without hampering any other processes. And our experience with the customer service from Forcepoint has been impeccable; we have an always productive weekly call with our Forcepoint Technical Service Rep.”  
— Director of Information Security

The firm continues to rely on the proven track record of Threat Protection for Linux, and now enjoys peace of mind as a result of its unparalleled visibility and improved effectiveness of its operations.

“Threat Protection for Linux sets the standard high for our company’s overall security model. It protects our business’ network, internal and external customer satisfaction—and it ensures nothing is ever compromised, leading to a breach. No other solution has proven to accomplish what Threat Protection for Linux does for us.”
— Director of Information Security

This global trading firm has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2012.