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In the long term, it not only protects the local business, but we feel confident it will protect the global Honda brand.

Craig Bassett


Honda Motorcycle and Power Equipment (MPE) is part of the global Honda brand. It is estimated that approximately 1 million Honda products are used throughout Australia every day, which includes the use of motorcycles, power equipment, engines, outboards, and motor vehicles. Products are imported from the USA, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Belgium and China. Honda MPE actively exports products to New Zealand, South Africa, South Pacific, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Spain. Products are also distributed nationally around Australia.

Because Honda MPE is a high-profile, Australian national company, it constantly needs to prevent sensitive data leakages and protect its user’s access to the Internet.


Craig Bassett is the Senior Manager of the IT department at Honda MPE. Included in his role is the responsibility to meet Honda’s global network security standards.

“In recent years, Honda has experienced a number of data leakage incidents. We need to control and protect the usage of the Internet by our staff and ensure that sensitive data is not leaked outside the organization.”
— Craig Bassett, Senior Manager Information Technology, Honda MPE

With that said, the IT department at Honda made it clear that it needed to be flexible when restricting and monitoring user access to the Web. Finding that balance between flexibility and security was a constant challenge for the company.

“The overriding requirement was not to restrict our staff from preforming their roles but to purely protect them and Honda from any malicious intent.”
— Craig Bassett


After an extensive research of the market, Honda MPE found that Forcepoint Web Security met every requirement as its flexible and reliable security solution. In 2010, the company first implemented Forcepoint in order to monitor its user Web access from one unified console.

“We found that Forcepoint checked every box for Web filtering and at that time, we were excited with the prospect of managing our whole security environment through one management console.”
— Craig Bassett


A year later, in 2011, Honda implemented Forcepoint DLP. The installation was simple and the product provided Honda with a safe and productive working environment. The company was able to fine-tune existing policies to meet its system requirements.

The Forcepoint appliance came preconfigured with “best-practice” policies and settings which allowed the IT department at Honda to easily coordinate the new security solution to meet its own needs, such as time and data quotas. For Craig Bassett and his team at Honda MPE, this was a necessary security solution in order to maintain a productive future for the company.

“In the long term, it not only protects the local business, but we feel confident it will protect the global Honda brand.”
— Craig Bassett

Honda MPE has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2010.

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