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KPIT is focused on co-creating domain-intensive technology products and solutions to help its customers become efficient, integrated, and innovative manufacturing enterprises. In a world where success is a function of time, “speed to enable” has become the company motto and this has been reflected in its approach to security. With a head office and development center in Pune, the company also has development centers in Bangalore and Poland and offices in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan.


KPIT required a Web security solution that would seamlessly manage the Web and protect its network. On its squid-based proxy servers, it previously would update policies manually and the efficacy of these policies was largely dependent on the knowledge and skill-base of the security administrators.

In the past, most Web content was static and predictable. But today’s reality is that Web content — even from so-called “trusted” sites — is constantly changing. Reactive Web filtering measures cannot keep up and KPIT was aware that it needed a solution that could offer real-time protection and automatically block Web threats and malicious sites as they are identified in the wild.

“Various kinds of threats and attacks — spyware, malicious software, keyloggers — are being launched every second. We needed a security solution that would mitigate these threats on an ongoing basis.”
— Mandar Marulkar, Head of Technical Infrastructure Management Services/CISO, KPIT


Having considered a number of solutions, KPIT found that Forcepoint Web Security fully met its requirements. Forcepoint enables the organization to manage dynamic Web 2.0 content and SSL traffic, scan for malcode in real time, and block blended threats.

“Forcepoint offered the most powerful protection in real time. The solution is also easy to use, as it is completely GUI-based and provides us with exhaustive and granular policy management.”
— Vijay Joshi, Manager Networks & Projects, KPIT

Forcepoint Web Security analyzes and secures Web traffic in real time, enabling the safe use of the latest Web 2.0 sites and tools. The solution combines this powerful security with highly-intuitive policy management and reporting and its delegated administration enables effective time management of Web security while reducing errors that can lead to breaches.

Forcepoint also minimizes exposure to threats by regularly applying updates. The solution continuously scans the Internet to find new malware before it strikes. By finding a threat at the source, Forcepoint can block it everywhere — from email to Web mail, from static URLs to dynamic Web 2.0 sites and open proxies.


By taking advantage of the ability to easily manage Web security, KPIT has seen significant improvement in a number of areas of its business.

“The solution has helped us to improve productivity in the organization. It enables granular policy management, so we simply need to configure the policies accordingly.”
— Mandar Marulkar

A comprehensive management report generation allows KPIT to fine-tune the security policy to a greater extent.

“The solution helps monitor Internet usage, and management reports provide statistics about this. The report generation is automated and is scheduled to send reports by email to the management concerned. We can then change our policies based on these trends.”
— Vijay Joshi

KPIT has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2006.