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Forcepoint Email Security Cloud

We are very pleased with Forcepoint™ and would recommend their Email Security Cloud to other organizations.

Martin Law


Founded in 1931, NCP is the U.K.’s market leader in the provision of parking services. Supplying over 200,000 parking spaces across more than 700 locations, the familiar yellow signage of NCP at car parks has become synonymous with parking in town centers, airports, and railway stations all over the United Kingdom.


With three IT staff supporting NCP’s 550 IT users, managing increasing amounts of spam was becoming a burden. Although NCP had an on-network email security solution in place, they were continuing to struggle with spam, false positives and latency in the system, which resulted in legitimate emails being delayed.

“Managing email security in-house was difficult and time-consuming. Our domains receive something like 40,000 emails a day, of which somewhere between 80-90 percent is spam. Even with an on-network solution we were not coping; the amount of incoming spam was impacting network bandwidth and inconveniencing our users.”
— Martin Law, Head of IT, NCP

With limited resources to manage the situation, NCP took the decision to switch to a hosted service.


NCP chose Forcepoint Email Security Cloud.

“We are a small IT department so anything that we can outsource makes life a lot easier. Forcepoint Email Security Cloud was attractive because it took away the overhead of managing our email security and delivered more than we expected in terms of resilience and ease-of-use. Overall, Forcepoint Email Security Cloud has enabled us to deliver a more resilient, professional and cost-effective service to our users.”
— Martin Law

Forcepoint Email Security Cloud eliminates spam and malware before they reach the company network. The deployment model provides centralized security with built-in redundancy, failover and business continuity while easing administration and optimizing network operating and capacity planning costs. Guaranteed by industry-leading service level agreements, Forcepoint provides the highest possible degree of protection.

NCP was particularly impressed with the speed at which Forcepoint processed incoming emails.

“Previously we had an issue with latency. Email was delayed, which was not only inconvenient but reducing our own service levels. Forcepoint quotes less than a second to process emails end-to-end so there is no issue of having to wait 15 minutes or more to have an email come through.”
— Martin Law

NCP was also impressed that the Forcepoint solution was cheaper than an in-house solution. "It is certainly cost-effective plus it is significantly more reliable and resilient that we could ever achieve internally without spending hundreds of thousands of pounds.”
— Martin Law

As blended email and Web threats continue to become more sophisticated, protecting NCP’s end users from attack becomes more difficult. “The majority of business processes today are email dependent so maintaining a secure and highly reliable email service is important. Forcepoint Email Security Cloud protects our network from dangerous spam without impacting the productivity of our users.”
— Martin Law

Forcepoint Email Security Cloud protects organizations from spam, Web 2.0 threats, and the converged security threats found in more than 90 percent of unwanted mail. It uses more than 50 million real-time data collecting systems that continuously monitor Internet content — including new and dynamic content — for emerging threats. Forcepoint is able to adapt to the rapidly changing Internet at speeds not possible by traditional security and basic email filtering solutions.


Forcepoint Email Security Cloud has greatly improved email security at NCP and lifted the management burden from the IT department.

“Now that our email security is managed in the cloud, spam has virtually disappeared with no impact on network bandwidth or internal resource.”
— Martin Law

The solution has also eased administrative overhead for the company:

“Forcepoint Email Security Cloud runs itself. When we managed our email security in-house it was almost a full time operation for one of our staff to keep the whole thing going applying patches, updates and the like. Now, we do not have to worry about it. It is also cost-effective. Even today, if we were to do the same thing internally, we would need to use a number of different products to guarantee the same results.”
— Martin Law

Finally, Forcepoint has increased resilience and reduced cost for NCP:

“Forcepoint Email Security Cloud works; it is extremely cost-effective and requires no support whatsoever. In fact, if we were to try and manage email security in-house again, at the same level of resilience, it would be more expensive. We are very pleased with Forcepoint and would recommend their Forcepoint Email Security Cloud to other organizations.”
— Martin Law

NCP has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2006. 

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