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We believe that since only authorized critical data leaves the organization, the benefits in having Forcepoint™ are tremendous for our business.

Murli Nambiar


Reliance Capital is one of India’s fastest-growing financial services companies and is primarily focused on mutual funds, life insurance, consumer finance, and broking and distribution. Ranking amongst the top three private sector financial services and banking groups in India, the organization has over 25,000 employees and 15 million customers.


As a financial organization, Reliance Capital is responsible for significant amounts of confidential customer data as well as following regulatory and corporate compliance procedures. With five operating businesses and a heavy flow of information, the organization realized it needed control over data moving across systems, geographies, and group companies.

“Data sent to third parties for processing and other outsourced activities is usually insecure and provides numerous opportunities for misuse. The main issue for us was whether the movement of confidential information was for genuine business need or malicious in nature.”
— Murli Nambiar, Vice President and Head of Information Security, Reliance Capital

Senior management at Reliance Capital recognized that the potential for loss was high and it was critical that its data was secured from accidental or intentional leaks. Today’s essential business tools, such as Web and email, presented a challenge to its current systems and the organization was increasingly concerned about the repercussions — both financially and in reputation — if sensitive data was leaked.


To address the ongoing concerns it had, Reliance Capital set up a “Data Shield” project. The business looked at three key areas: data flow analysis, document rights management, and data loss prevention (DLP) implementation.

Following the evaluation of several DLP options, Reliance Capital decided to implement Forcepoint DLP.

“Though all the evaluated DLP solutions were quite mature, we decided to opt for Forcepoint because it provided powerful protection as well as being cost effective.”
— Murli Nambiar

Forcepoint DLP is a comprehensive data-loss prevention solution that discovers, monitors and protects sensitive data. Its sophisticated fingerprinting technology identifies and creates a “digital fingerprint” for each piece of confidential data located throughout the organization, enabling the solution to monitor that data no matter how it is manipulated or where it is sent. Forcepoint scans the Internet and more than one billion pieces of content daily in search of threats to both the data itself and the destination where it is being sent.

By understanding the business context around the data, Forcepoint DLP accurately determines if an action is a legitimate business process and applies the appropriate protection policies.


Forcepoint DLP provides Reliance Capital with a powerful level of data security. It protects unclassified data that may not be rights protected and also ensures data that may be incorrectly classified by employees — with or without intent — is safeguarded.

According to Nambiar, implementation of the solution has reduced the risks of confidential information being misused.

“We believe that since only authorized critical data leaves the organization the benefits in having Forcepoint are tremendous for our business.”
— Murli Nambiar

Reliance Capital has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2009.