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We chose Forcepoint for the versatility and modularity of the solution which enabled us to buy the specific components for our needs.

Mauro Caddeo


Founded in 1955, IMI Remosa ranks among the leading manufacturers of control systems with solid industrial service experience. The company works with refineries, petrochemical industries, power plants, mining and manufacturing industries, and metal working industries, where it operates as a service provider for mechanical precision products and industrial maintenance.

IMI Remosa’s main products are valves, actuators, and electro-hydraulic control units, all of which are designed and built entirely in-house. IMI Remosa’s clients include oil refining companies and plants around the world.

In 2012, IMI Remosa joined the group IMI Plc, a British multinational leader in the industrial engineering market, integrating its core business into a notably more complex and structured enterprise. IMI Plc employs more than 12,000 people and has production plants in more than 20 countries with annual revenue of approximately £1.7 billion.


With dedicated engineering research groups creating and developing new advances in products and product designs, protecting this proprietary information is critical to IMI Remosa’s business model. As the company continues to grow and innovate, so does the volume and accessibility of sensitive data as well as the need to protect this most valuable of assets. As a result, the company has become increasingly vulnerable to data leakage and data theft. Fortunately, Mauro Caddeo, ICT Manager at IMI Remosa, was able to recognize this as an immediate threat.

“All of our project files are stored in our data center, so it is essential for us to protect them accurately, despite a strong information exchange with our fellow companies.”
— Mauro Caddeo

IMI Remosa’s path to a multinational organization has accelerated the need to acquire a security solution that simultaneously prevents data leakage and theft, but that also guarantees its users safe and regular access to sensitive information in both the product development and commercial sectors. An additional challenge is that IMI Remosa’s IT organization has been charged with protecting the company’s intellectual property, and also with defining user roles and access privileges. In order for the organization to ensure the security and control the flow of sensitive information within the network, a security solution that provides both comprehensive Data Theft Prevention and detailed analytic reports was necessary.


After researching the data security market, IMI Remosa chose Forcepoint Web Security and DLP solutions, trusting that the combination would more than meet their need to manage Web and data security risks.

“Before this decision, we did not have a specific data control system. We would release access permissions issued for each individual file. Now, we have deployed a solution that assures constant and detailed monitoring of information access. We chose Forcepoint for the versatility and modularity of the solution which enabled us to buy the specific components for our needs.”
— Mauro Caddeo

The adoption of a more structured and holistic approach to Data Theft Prevention and cybersecurity risk management strongly influenced the evolution of working practices at IMI Remosa. The flow and access of critical data is now organized, controlled and monitored via secure global file sharing. This enables IMI Remosa’s users to connect safely at anytime, anywhere, and with different devices:

“Forcepoint has changed our approach to security, but it has also allowed us to improve awareness and correct the online behavior of all of our corporate users.”
— Mauro Caddeo


The adoption of Forcepoint has delivered significant security advantages to IMI Remosa in terms of cost and effectiveness:

“It is a kind of insurance which prevents or mitigates more important investments in case of any incidents. The problems generated by incorrect use of user terminals decreased significantly and we have not detected any infections since we implemented Forcepoint technology.”
— Mauro Caddeo

The Web and data solution was also very helpful in modifying end-user behavior, preventing data and sensitive information leaks that are typically related to user error. This has led to a substantially higher level of internal data security and confidentiality. Forcepoint's enhanced reporting capabilities deliver more granular control over data security, with statistical detail that was not previously possible. This has enabled IMI Remosa’s IT service quality to improve. Additionally, Caddeo states that Forcepoint's ease of use and visibility is a valuable addition to its security solution:

“We think this is a valuable security tool and thanks to its transparent operation, we can monitor all threats, especially those generated within the company.”
— Mauro Caddeo

Ultimately, the introduction of Forcepoint solutions allowed IMI Remosa to improve the way its individuals work together, especially regarding information sharing, which has been a key factor in their integration with the IMI multinational group. The enhanced level of security has enabled greater levels of collaboration and innovation, which has led to growth and improved operations within the company.

IMI Remosa has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2013.

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