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Email Security

“L’adozione della soluzione Forcepoint  ha liberato molte risorse che sono oggi state spostate su attività maggiormente produttive e gratificanti. La soluzione è operativa ormai da alcuni mesi e oggi l’obiettivo è di proseguire con la migrazione del gestionale, dimenticandoci completamente della posta elettronica."

Roberto Trezzi

Vector Keeps Email Communications Moving Safely with Forcepoint

Safe, reliable email is essential to Vector’s business operations as it communicates with customers and partners in distributed locations across Asia and the Middle East. The company trusts Forcepoint to safeguard that communication channel without slowing down the IT team or the rest of the company’s more than 2,500 employees. 


  • Existing antispam software could not effectively filter spam messages from the company’s high volume of email
  • Manual analysis required of quarantined email messages to identify false positives


  • Email Security Cloud product deployed without reconfiguring existing IT architecture


  • Nearly eliminated the manual analysis of quarantined messages
  • Allowed more time for IT team to focus on other strategic issues
  • Product worked successfully out of the box, with just very light tuning of policies to achieve optimal functionality
  • Detailed statistics help the IT team better understand how email is being used and what issues the security product is mitigating

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