SASE 101 Live Demo: A 5-step approach to data-first SASE


SASE Essentials for Every Cybersecurity Professional

Leveraging a behavior-based approach, your organization can build a SASE architecture that suits your specific needs while enabling your people to remain productive, keeping data protected at every step.

In this live demo, our tech team will show how you can benefit from a data-first SASE architecture and help you determine what your next step should be if you're already on your journey.

The 5 steps to a data-first SASE architecture include:

  • Protect your remote workers on the web and in the cloud
  • Control access to cloud and private apps without VPNs
  • Safeguard usage of data everywhere
  • Connect and protect branch offices
  • Continuously monitor user risk

Bring your toughest questions for a chance to stump our experts.