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Breaking Down the Complexity of Retail Security

Remote firewall management, retail-focused malware and limited data visibility pose specific security challenges for retailers

Traditional security tools—instrumental for protecting the perimeter around corporate headquarters—are relatively ineffective in retail, where the vast majority of customer data is entered into POS systems in remote locations. Retail security professionals encounter cyber threats and management complexities that are atypical in comparison to those in other, more centralized industries.

The most pressing security concerns among IT/security decision makers in the retail are:

  • Lack of visibility. Only 10% know everything about the data on their corporate systems.
  • Delayed time in applying patches. Only 18% respond to vulnerabilities within 48 hours.
  • Managing firewalls in remote locations. Remote locations found to be 18% more difficult than at headquarters.

It’s estimated that 60% of web traffic will be encrypted in 2019. This e-book not only highlights granular control features needed to manage encrypted traffic, but provides actionable guidance as to how to increase visibility and security while managing thousands of devices on a global scale.

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