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DEFEND: Tackling the Next Steps of the CDM Program

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program was created to standardize and improve the government’s cybersecurity systems and processes. Dynamic and Evolving Federal Enterprise Network Defense (DEFEND) is the new $3.4 billion acquisition strategy associated with CDM Phases 3 and 4, expanding the program to protect government data as it moves beyond the traditional perimeter and in and out of cloud systems.

DEFEND is designed to give agencies the tools and capabilities to stop adversaries before they breach the network. Read “DEFEND: Tackling the Next Steps of the CDM Program” to learn how risk-adaptive security can help align your agency with DEFEND by enabling your team to:

  • Automate policy enforcement 
  • Quickly respond to high-impact events 
  • Balance security and productivity 
  • Enable proactive security management