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Forcepoint ONE Zero Trust Security Solutions

To keep pace with today’s dynamic and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, Biden’s Executive order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity calls for agencies to advanced toward Zero Trust Security Architectures. As government organizations - from civilian agencies to defense departments - are in the midst of transitioning to Zero Trust, the complexity of current federal architectures and moving to solutions that advance security in a meaningful way are particularly challenging for government.

In today's environment security is increasingly complex. When a significant portion of the federal workforce is remote or working in the field, the lines of where to draw your defenses are blurred. Data is now everywhere—in websites, cloud apps, and private apps. Remote employees, partners, and contractors using unmanaged devices leave you vulnerable. Devices are connecting using legacy, slow VPNs.

Even the apps you use for collaboration or communication add risk. Cyber thieves and nation states are coming for your data, and they’re using every trick to get through the door. The old portfolio of point products wasn’t built for this. Zero trust can’t be another compliance exercise, to truly transform Federal Cybersecurity security must work together flawlessly. Policies must be consistent and enforced across all environments. Visibility, analytics and automation must exist across your Zero Trust architecture. To truly transform, agencies must unify Zero Trust security across environments, enabling agencies to manage one set of policies, in one console, connected to one endpoint agent.

Download this eBook to learn 5 use cases that Forcepoint ONE Platform can help agencies manage and advance toward meeting Zero Trust outcomes, including:

  • Prevent Data Leakage both managed and unmanaged devices
  • Control Content accessed from managed devices
  • Secure Application Access
  • Quick and Easy ZTNA
  • Enable Appropriate Contractor SharePoint