It's Only Just Begun — GDPR One Year on


We are now one year on from when GDPR became law, but the compliance race is far from over. Many organizations undoubtedly made a huge effort to revamp their processes and security around personal data—but how effective have they been?

In “GDPR One Year On,” IDC’s Associate Research Director for European Security Dominic Trott analyses where we succeeded and where mistakes were made, and shares five lessons learned to help prepare for the evolving privacy and compliance challenges ahead, including:

  • Regulatory enforcement: Penalties are starting to be handed out and it’s not just fines; enforcement can take many forms.
  • Over-compliance: Did some companies damage themselves by deleting too much data?
  • A global trend towards privacy regulation: GDPR is just the start, with more consequences for how organizations use and misuse personal data.

Read the IDC Executive Brief and be prepared for what lies ahead. 

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