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The Network’s Role in Modernization

In this era of IT modernization, government agencies have embraced digital transformation initiatives while at the same time taking measures to improve their security posture. The network plays a critical role in these efforts.

Today’s networks must be adaptive, resilient, and effective across a range of uses and against diverse threats. As agencies move forward with modernization efforts, they must carefully plan how to scale the network correctly to ensure visibility and security are built in.

Security teams need a holistic view of all events happening within their environment and must minimize the distractions from investigating security alerts that are not meaningful. With Forcepoint, IT staff can see what’s happening at any site, anywhere in the network—from data centers and offices to remote branches and even the cloud. It eliminates the typical patchwork of point products used to manage and secure networks, providing visibility and consistency. Network security event data, when combined with other security feeds and integrated with Forcepoint User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA), can unlock a powerful, holistic view of user activity. This combined visibility enables a more efficient response to identify risk early and focus on the events that really matter. 

Read “The Network’s Role in Modernization” to learn how agencies can now take advantage of network innovations that assist with IT modernization efforts to enable better visibility and protection in complex and fast-paced government environments.