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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

Forcepoint GDPR Resource Pack Assets

Thank you for downloading the Forcepoint GDPR Resource Pack. We hope you find the following content useful in assisting you with your data privacy and compliance programs.

Strategy Guidance

IDC Executive Guide – GDPR one year on: 5 Lessons Learned
IDC’s Martin Whitworth shares his recommendations for optimizing your GDPR program and preparing for the privacy challenges ahead

Webcast - GDPR One Year On
IDC’s Martin Whitworth is joined by Forcepoint’s Duncan Brown as they discuss’ his 5 Lessons Learned in this supporting webcast to the executive brief.

Webcast - Beyond GDPR: America wakes up to privacy
IDC’s Martin Whitworth and Forcepoint’s Duncan Brown discuss America’s drive towards a Federal privacy law

Hunton & Williams Whitepaper: GDPR - A Guide to Key Articles for Security & Privacy Professionals
A comprehensive report on the considerations associated with GDPR (*Please note, this paper does not constitute legal advice). 

How Forcepoint Can Help

Forcepoint can guide your GDPR compliance program with products that can help you Identify, Protect and Detect:

GDPR Product Mapping Overview Paper
Identify: GDPR Technology Mapping Guide - Personal Data Inventory
Protect & Detect: GDPR Technology Mapping Guide – Mapping, Managing and Controlling Personal Data Flows
Respond & Recover: GDPR Technology Mapping Guide - Detect and Respond to a Data Incident