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Adding Value to your HIPAA Compliance Program

Insider threat is rampant and according to Michael Theis of CERT Insider Threat, two of five employees are thought to be downloading files to personal drives, with diverse motives from financial gain to political activism.

Although there have always been spies and thieves among us, never before has it been so prevalent, due in part to the ease with which delicate information can so easily be shared, altered, moved and even stolen.

This paper shows how the Forcepoint™ Insider Threat (formerly SureView® Insider Threat) integrated solution can help you monitor your entire enterprise ecosystem and ensure your organization’s HIPAA compliance without disrupting business continuity.

Forcepoint Insider Threat protects against insider threat by providing the tools and context to differentiate malicious from benign actions that can be reviewed and understood by non-technical personnel - all while respecting employee privacy guidelines.