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Best-of bleed: When Combining the ‘Best’ Tech Damages Security

Industry Analyst Report

Analyzing best-of-breed approach to cyber security solutions

As the complexity of threats have evolved, a myriad of security technologies has grown to defend against them. But orchestrating a diverse and disparate set of solutions presents its own challenges, leading many organizations to question the traditional approaches to cybersecurity.

In Computing Research’s report, “Best-of bleed: When combining the ‘best’ tech damages security”, they surveyed senior IT executives about the security challenges they currently face. They found that:

  • 40% of respondents had to deal with serious security incidents every day, 63% faced such events at least once per week.
  • Most respondents agreed that the ‘volume and variety of reports’ impedes incident resolution to some extent. More than a third found this added to existing problems.
  • Investigating these false positives has become the most time-consuming part of security administration.
  • In the future, the most popular new security technologies look set to be behaviour analytics, biometrics and algorithm-based security measures such as machine learning systems or cognitive computing.

Read the report and find out why organizations will need to consolidate their cybersecurity solutions.

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