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Forcepoint adds analytics to underpin its new risk-based DLP offering (451 Research)

Forcepoint™ has introduced the industry's only Incident Risk Ranking dashboard to their Forcepoint DLP (formerly TRITON® AP-DATA) and Forcepoint DLP Endpoint (formerly AP-ENDPOINT) products. This feature, which incorporates machine learning and security analytics, produces a risk-ranking system that improves the accuracy of data loss prevention (DLP) scanning—what Forcepoint calls “risk-based DLP.”

Written by 451 Research®, this report examines how to reduce the amount of time between a receiving a DLP alert and launching an investigation, using context-based actions and probabilistic indicators instead of focusing on isolated actions.

Read the report to learn how Incident Risk Ranking:

  • Improves reporting accuracy
  • Reduces user disruption & management overhead
  • Investigates context-based instead of isolated actions