Gartner: ‘How to Avoid Failures When Migrating to a Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway’

Industry Analyst Report

A significant increase in remote work and the use of cloud-based apps has redefined and expanded your perimeter, requiring infrastructure that adapts and policies that are flexible.  With people as the new perimeter, the attack surface has widened and risk exposure has increased — on-premise web security won’t cut it. The move to a cloud-based secure web gateway (SWG) is both need-driven and timely.  
A migration to a cloud-based secure web gateway offers protection against online security threats by enforcing security policies and filtering malicious internet traffic in real-time.  As organizations transition from an appliance-based approach to a cloud-based approach, proper planning and preparation can help security teams safeguard privacy, limit disruptions, and maintain visibility.  
Before migrating to a cloud SWG, download this report for:

  • Key challenges many organizations experience when integrating a cloud SWG into a network and endpoint security strategy  
  • SWG prerequisites and a list of key essentials to deploy before migrating  
  • Important identity, connectivity, policy, and visibility consideration  
  • Actionable advice for mitigating disruptions  and more 

Gartner, How to Avoid Failures When Migrating to a Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateway,  24 December 2019, Sam Evans, Lawrence Orans, John Watts

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