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SANS 2017 Cloud Security Survey Report: Defense in Detail, If Not in Depth

It’s no secret that organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud, putting more sensitive customer-related data—particularly customer personally identifiable information (PII) and healthcare records—in cloud environments.

This Forcepoint co-sponsored SANS Institute survey identifies key concerns the cloud creates for security teams and highlights best practises they have adopted to mitigate the risks.

Key findings include:

  • 48% of organizations store employee records in the cloud, and 40% store customer PII in the cloud
  • More than 60% worry about unauthorized access by outsiders
  • 20% claim they had a breach involving cloud applications and data… whilst 21% didn’t know whether they had been breached
  • 55% still feel they are hindered from performing adequate forensic and incident response activities

Read the report and learn how to effectively protect your organization beyond defense in depth as you migrate to the cloud.

Read the Report