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Total Economic Impact of a Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution (Forrester)

Real Cost Savings, Uncompromised Security

Our Cross Domain suite is in operational use in some of the most stringent environments in the world, securing global missions efficiently and effectively while providing a high degree of usability, without compromising security.

Forrester Consulting presents key challenges a Department of Defense intelligence agency encounters and how the implementation of a Forcepoint cross domain solution can provide key results and benefits in the face of these challenges. In this commissioned study, you will discover the quantified and qualified benefits of Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client, Trusted Gateway System (standalone products) and Trusted Print Delivery.

“Improved Security was one of our main drivers for using Trusted Thin Client”
-Senior Integration Engineer

“Without Trusted Gateway System, to achieve an air gap, we would have to use the type of media you can just walk out the door with”
-Senior Integration Engineer

“Without Trusted Thin Client, the interviewed organization would have needed ‘double the operations staff’”
- Forrester Consulting TEI Study

Some key statistics from the study:

  • ROI 239%
  • User desk savings from desktop device consolidation: $2,487,874
  • Operations labor savings $1,282,044
  • Benefits PV $3.97 Million

Download the study now to discover the full findings.

Download the Infographic