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The State of Privileged User Abuse in United Kingdom and United States Government Organizations

Government organizations in the United Kingdom and United States are struggling to improve their privileged access governance practices and reduce the likelihood of a data breach or other security incidents caused by insiders. According to the research sponsored by Forcepoint and conducted by Ponemon Institute, many individuals admit they have privileged access rights that are not necessary to complete their current job assignments.

  • 49% of Privileged users access sensitive or confidential data because of their curiosity
  • 44% of Privileged users can be pressured to share their access rights with others in the organization
  • 36% of Privileged users believe they are empowered to access all the information they can view

Download this Ponemon Survey - commissioned by Forcepoint - of 895 IT professionals within the Federal Government to understand trends in organizations’ ability to manage privileged user access.