2018 Security Predictions, by Forcepoint Security Labs


A myriad of complex challenges will surface in 2018, threatening your ability to protect your users, data and networks in new ways. In the Forcepoint 2018 Security Predictions Report, our thought leaders assert that cybersecurity needs a forward-thinking, holistic approach to protect data in real-time, one that can transform a vulnerable employee to a defender of data.

This report lends insight as to why a human-centric approach is critical to prepare for potentially imminent shifts in 2018, including: 

  • How society’s perception of privacy will shape regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • What ransomware’s evolution and expanding attack vector will look like
  • The probability for another attack on a data aggregator similar to Equifax
  • How cybercriminals are getting around HTTPS
  • Why UEBA and workforce monitoring will be a top priority moving forward