2017 NSS Labs Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System Report

Forcepoint NGFW: 99.9% Security Effectiveness in NSS Labs 2017 NGIPS Report

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Once again, Forcepoint NGFW is shown to be a highly-effective, secure network security solution, having received another “Recommended” rating for overall security effectiveness, performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) in the NSS Labs 2017 Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Comparative Report.

In this year’s test, NSS Labs examined products from 8 vendors ranging from next generation firewalls to dedicated IPS boxes, and measured their ability to stop exploits and attack techniques that compromise servers, workstations, databases and other systems. The results display a stark contrast between products designed to defeat evasions and those which leave networks exposed to attack.

Forcepoint NGFW, which pioneered the defense against evasions, achieved an overall 99.9% security effectiveness score. Forcepoint NGFW not only performed well against dedicated-purpose IPS devices for the second year in a row, it continued its unbroken streak of stopping 100% of evasion techniques.

In addition, Forcepoint NGFW obtained one of the lowest TCO scores, reflecting its deep integration of manageability into all aspects of operations. With Forcepoint NGFW, highly distributed enterprises and governments can deploy advanced intrusion prevention with inspection of encrypted traffic, high performance firewalling (on-premises and in the cloud), rapid-setup VPNs and SD-WAN link clustering — all managed from a single console.

According to the 2017 NSS Labs NGIPS test, Forcepoint NGFW:

  • Blocked 99.91% of exploits, even in the face of advanced evasions
  • Blocked 100% of evasions, 99.86% of NSS CAWS live exploits and 99.91% attacks overall
  • Passed all stability and reliability tests

In NSS Labs’ 2017 NGFW testing which took place earlier this year, Forcepoint NGFW achieved a 99.9% score for Security Effectiveness and a low TCO.

Forcepoint NGFW is, once again, a leader in network security. Read the full report.

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