See why interactions between people, data, and technology will drive cyber risk to all time highs in 2019.

Security in the Golden Age of Cybercrime

An Exploration of Network Security in the Federal Government – Conducted by the Government Business Council (GBC)

The federal government faces a critical cybersecurity moment: as the American public’s confidence in agencies’ digital defenses wanes, the threats it must mitigate are growing.

Ransomware, state-sponsored attacks, and insider threats remain pervasive, and the sensitive information held by our nation’s public entities is a favorite target for cybercriminals. Still, this challenge presents an opportunity for federal organizations ― by implementing next-generation tools, IT managers can enhance network security and navigate the cyber minefield.

Download this GBC Top 5 Issue Brief to learn about:

  • Evolving threats and vulnerabilities aimed at federal government
  • The tools organizations use to defend themselves from cyber threats
  • Strategies agencies can leverage to optimize network security

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