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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

2019 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Webcast

Innovation thrives when people can collaborate in a trusted manner, leveraging data creatively and freely through technology. This intersection is also the point of greatest vulnerability for your enterprise and the primary source of security breaches driving cyber risk to all-time highs.

In 2019, attackers will stop at nothing to steal our identities, evade detection through new techniques, and bring disruption to our doorsteps. The stakes are high, the world more connected than we could have ever imagined.

Watch our webcast, during which we examine topics such as:

  • How attacks on industrial IoT could lead to widespread power outages
  • When credential theft moves to cloning your face to bypass biometric authentication
  • What happens in a world incentivized to commit intellectual property theft at scale

Join Forcepoint's Raffael Marty, VP Research & Intelligence, and Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst, for a webcast discussing the most pressing cybersecurity issues – and what you can do to protect against them.